Queer Space Basel

+++ News: Networking event @Luststreifen Film Festival October 6th, 6 pm to 8 pm @Humbug +++
+++ Links: You can find the evaluation + the doodle for the 1st meeting of the implementation phase here +++

We dream of a permanent queer space in Basel:

A place that is always here and always queer. A meeting place and open space for the diverse queer community, as well as a space for the projects and works of queer artists and cultural producers.
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We understand queer as a self-definition. Queer is any person who identifies with the term. Queer thus includes all people whose gender identities and/or sexual orientations deviate from the dominant norm. Likewise, people who are uncertain about their identity may also be included.

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In the context of our project, the term space refers to a permanent location outside of established institutions.
A space in which various groups of the queer community can get together and experience diverse forms of culture. We also imagine a place where queer people can meet and exchange ideas, feel comfortable and secure, and find relaxation. 
It should be a place where the challenge is openly and actively addressed that the queer community is not a unified group but, rather, encompasses individuals and groups with differing demands and concerns, as well as different identities, experiences, and life realities.
The queer community in Basel is large, visible, and politically and culturally active. Through the tireless commitment of many queer individuals in Basel, various projects, initiatives, and events are regularly created.
 Nevertheless, our community in this city lacks a permanent space. With our survey, we want to find out if there is a commonly shared need for such a space. We see the evaluation of the results as a contribution to the longer-term goal for all those who wish to realize a queer space in Basel.

The survey is completed 

Ivana, Renée + Silvan

Ivana (no pronouns in German, they/them in English) is an agender, able-bodied person of size with a migration history and works as a communication and process designer as well as a lecturer. Renée (they/them) is white, queer/trans, a researcher who did a PhD on video art and activism during the HIV/AIDS crisis, and is currently co-curating the Starsign Screenings at Amore, Basel. Silvan (no pronouns/they) is a white enby.
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The project «Researching Queer Spaces for Basel» is funded by a research grant from the Department of Culture Basel-Stadt.

Mail: queerspacebasel@gmail.com
Instagram: @queerspacebasel